African Christian Mission International (ACMI) is an international outreach ministry with Bishop Dr. Mulandi as a founder and ACMI networks with partners for evangelism, discipleship and humanitarian aid to many parts of the world. ACMI headquarter offices are based in Thika – Kenya (Africa). Other offices are located in USA, Canada and Australia, and Thailand.

ACMI was founded in 1992 by Bishop Dr. Henry Z. Mulandi. ACMI has a goal of Preaching the Gospel to High Schools, colleges and universities with the gospel of Christ. ACMI also reaches to the community through preaching in open-air meetings (crusades/street meetings) all over the country and planting of churches in different villages in collaboration with the local churches.

ACMI Refugee Operations

The Bishop saw the need of reaching out to the refugees by ministering to their spiritual, emotional and physical needs through provision of God's word, digging of boreholes for clean water, providing food and clothing. The latter saw the establishment of an ACMI base in Nothern Kenya, Kakuma, which boarders the country towards Sudan. Missioners are currently involved with preaching the Gospel in these regions. Your prayers and support are much welcome.

Operation Hope

In Operation Hope sponsorship program, we thank God for we have truly seen his faithfulness throughout the year. We have been able to pay school fees for all children, provide the elementary students with uniforms and host two bible camps in the past year.

We are grateful to see God expanding us and extending our reach. In June 2016, we had 116 students in the program but now they are 155, an addition of almost 40 students. We thank God and their sponsors who have made it possible for us to reach out to more and more needy and vulnerable children.

We have also had the privilege of leading several of the students to Christ. At our December camp, 2 were born again and in April another 10. During the month of June when we were doing school visits, 1 girl also committed her life to Christ. This is a total of 13 new commitments in the past year! We thank God for each one.

Journey of Hope

At Journey of Hope children’s home, we are also doing well. It has been a year of many changes for both children and staff but we have seen God’s love throughout.

Currently we have 21 children in the home. We started the year 19 but have so far been able to reintegrate four girls back into their families and have added five boys and a girl to the family. We are grateful to God for each child that we have the privilege of walking with.

At the beginning of the year, we began holding Sunday services at the home for the children and staff as many of them had a difficult time understanding the language spoken in the local church and we were not in agreement with all its practices. We have seen our children grow spiritually in a way that was beyond our expectations. They are really learning to apply the word of God to their lives and can often tell how they did so during the week.

We have also seen God’s faithfulness in our farm. At the start of this year, we got electricity which made pumping water from our borehole much more efficient. Because of this we have installed a drip irrigation system in our farm and have had great success with the vegetables there. We grow collards, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, cabbage, traditional greens and chia. Most of our customers are friends and neighbors to Journey of Hope.

As a children’s program, we wish to say thank you for your support. We are so happy to partner with you in changing the life of a child for the better. If you would wish to sponsor a child or give towards Journey of Hope children’s home, please contact us at May God bless you!