CCIT Global ministries

Men ministry at CCIT

Slogan “Courageous men of Grace”

In a generation that is crumbling we need Men who shall be fearless and become agents of transformation in their generation. Men are to have a life unbound – where they handle challenges unapologetically present in every day conversation and every situation. One of the key catalysts of strength in men is faith –which is a pillar in building a strong nation. Men mend broken bridges, build new ones and some of them even change the course of the river. You will always uncover the importance of being among the CCIT men ministry.

Our men at CCIT are pace setters and helps in relationship dynamics within families, friendships, and more. Regardless of your socio-economic background, race, ethnicity, or nationality, you’ll have the support of hundreds of men ready to be onboard for a transformed life at CCIT.

Sometimes the pressures of life, including family demands and career transitions can slowly suppress your spirit, as well as hinder your ability to be a real man. Always do not allow the passing storms of life to drain you of your purpose and goal. We have always needed a double portion of grace and inner strength. Real masculinity is shown when men stand strong against vices such as low self-esteem, absentee father issues, self-victimization and dwindled purposes. Such endowment is achieved through total dependence on God, being in a company of men of the same vision.

Commitment and responsibility precedes our values as we walk with the Lord. We have omitted to prayer with 20 men praying and fasting each day for seven days throughout the year. On the word of God, we dairy do our devotions by the dairy Bible plan. Bonding and love is our greatest purpose. This is intertwined with celebrating our wives as the heroes of the day. This spills over to our children. We make effort to be role models to our youth in the church and in our generation!

At CCIT Men, our desire is that you‘ll come to self-realization, be equipped to finally dismantle all dysfunctional habits that cause rifts in your relationships. Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi and the men at CCIT men are ready to work out this transformation with you.

Dorcas-Ladies Ministry

Women are called in the ministry to minister in the kingdom of God alongside men. Very few women are appreciated in and for ministry and those who are its done halfheartedly. At CCIT women ministry is held with high esteem in realization that it’s God who calls and justifies those He calls. Romans 8; 10

Dorcas is a common name for all CCIT Ladies with the slogan ‘be good and be a Dorcas” borrowed from the Acts 9:36. All CCIT ladies from 14 years and above join the Dorcas and are determined to be role models for the society. The Dorcas holds regular prayer meetings, fellowships, retreats, visit orphanage, the sick and those who have lost their loved ones. These activities strengthen their bonds with one another. During Easter holidays every year in April, they hold powerful interdenominational Ladies Conference with live transforming messages from anointed ministers.

Dorcas potential and conferences

For Dorcas, Easter is always a time to renew their mind and spirit. Stress can be like mold especially from the daily demands of motherhood, business, home, and myriad other activities. From these conferences, the ladies experience the refreshing presence of God through empowering praise and worship, transformative sessions, and not to forget the prophet ministry that goes on.

Always discover hope, joy, love, and peace in every area of your life at the Dorcas ministry. Keep renewing your mind and let life make sense as a woman, a girl, mother, business executive, wife, and friend. Never let the cares overrule your motivation. Rise above all stressors and walk courageously having a goal in life. Revered Betty Mulandi continues to encourage women to rise above their troubles and realize they have been called to serve God first and their families at maximum potential.

Sister Churches

CCIT also has Sister Churches that work together with Thika Church as thier Home Church. These churches include

  1.  Christian Church International Ngoingwa, headed by Pastor Peninah Muhia
  2.  Christian Church International Joska, headed by Rev. Samsom Mwema
  3.  Christian Church International Athena, headed by Pastor Stanely Kamau

CCIT Children’s Ministry


“Children for Christ”


Bringing all children in the ways of our Lord Jesus Christ


Sunday School Ministry, teachers, trains and disciples CCIT Children to know, love and accept Jesus Christ as Savior and fellowship in his Family.


Leading children to Christ and discipline them to Christ like maturity.

Driving force

Bringing up a generation with Godly Kingdom values.

Our Sunday School Ministry comprises of children aged 4-15 years [i.e. From Nursery school children up to those in class 8.

However, classify them into 5 categories according to their mental growth i.e. 4-7 years literal mind, 7-9 years observer mind, 10-12 years investigator mind, class 7 critical mind and teens – inquisitive mind. CCIT has two services namely 1st service that begins at 7.00AM on Sunday and ends at 1.30PM.

In both services, all children join their parents to the main church. [Global Cathedral] For the worship session which lasts for about and how and thereafter they disperse to their various classes according to the age categories mentioned above. Indeed, this only helps the children to know their main church and the leaders but also helps the children to know their God with their elder brothers, sisters and parents. Things are usually easier caught that taught.

1st Service has five Sunday school classes and 2nd service has 3 classes and altogether we have an average of 200 children every Sunday. We have 30 committed teachers of whom majority is parents and therefore every class has a minimum of 3 teachers. The teachers have a monthly kesha, two Saturdays of seminars, two retreats in a year. The teachers who teach the children in the 1st service attend the 2nd service for their spiritual nourishment and vice versa.

Nevertheless, all the teachers meet in the staffroom to fellowship, get the updates, and evaluate the progress of the ministry and planning the events ahead of them. This is a cordial team-work spirit among the teachers which enhances the growth of the ministry yearly, finance committee makes a budget for the ministry and we thank God for achieving the targets set. Some children are able to know and accept Christ as a personal savior even at age of 7yrs. All those children that get saved are taken through a religious class of discipleship before they are finally baptized in much. In this way, we are able to produce mature teens in the word of God as they go to various Secondary Schools.

The Leadership of CCIT is very much involved in the growth of Sunday school ministry. The leaders have laid a good spiritual foundation of the children as they grow. Rev. Arthur Kithinji and Pastor Florence Ndonye attend all the programs of this ministry.

Let’s all remember that children don’t care who you are until they know you care for them. It’s good also to note that we teach what we know but we always produce who we are. Therefore, let all of us train our children not only good moral but also instill spiritual values in them as they grow. Proverbs 22:6

The big question is, do we need a God-fearing generation in our nation tomorrow? Then let us all get involved in shaping such generation today.