ACMI Ministry

International Outreach Ministry

What exactly is ACMI?

African Christian Mission International (ACMI) is an international outreach ministry with Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi as a founder and ACMI networks with partners for evangelism, discipleship and humanitarian aid to many parts of the world. ACMI headquarter offices are based in Thika – Kenya (Africa). Other offices are located in Kenya, USA, Canada and Australia, and Thailand.

ACMI was founded in 1992 by Bishop Dr. Henry Z. Mulandi. ACMI has a goal of Preaching the Gospel to High Schools, colleges and universities with the gospel of Christ. ACMI also reaches to the community through preaching in open-air meetings (crusades/street meetings) all over the country and planting of churches in different villages in collaboration with the local churches.

ACMI Refugee Operations

The Bishop saw the need of reaching out to the refugees by ministering to their spiritual, emotional and physical needs through provision of God’s word, digging of boreholes for clean water, providing food and clothing. The latter saw the establishment of an ACMI base in Nothern Kenya, Kakuma, which boarders the country towards Sudan. Missioners are currently involved with preaching the Gospel in these regions. Your prayers and support are much welcome.

Operation Hope

In Operation Hope sponsorship program, we thank God for we have truly seen his faithfulness throughout the year. We have been able to pay school fees for all children, provide the elementary students with uniforms and host two bible camps in the past year.

We are grateful to see God expanding us and extending our reach. In June 2016, we had 116 students in the program but now they are over 250. We thank God and their sponsors who have made it possible for us to reach out to more and more needy and vulnerable children.

We have also had the privilege of leading several of the students to Christ. At our December camp, 2 were born again and in April another 10. During the month of June when we were doing school visits, 1 girl also committed her life to Christ. This is a total of 13 new commitments in the past year! We thank God for each one.

Journey of Hope

At Journey of Hope children’s home, we are also doing well. It has been a year of many changes for both children and staff but we have seen God’s love throughout.

Currently we have 21 children in the home. We started the year 19 but have so far been able to reintegrate four girls back into their families and have added five boys and a girl to the family. We are grateful to God for each child that we have the privilege of walking with.

At the beginning of the year, we began holding Sunday services at the home for the children and staff as many of them had a difficult time understanding the language spoken in the local church and we were not in agreement with all its practices. We have seen our children grow spiritually in a way that was beyond our expectations. They are really learning to apply the word of God to their lives and can often tell how they did so during the week.

We have also seen God’s faithfulness in our farm. At the start of this year, we got electricity which made pumping water from our borehole much more efficient. Because of this we have installed a drip irrigation system in our farm and have had great success with the vegetables there. We grow collards, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, onions, cabbage, traditional greens and chia. Most of our customers are friends and neighbors to Journey of Hope. 

As a children’s program, we wish to say thank you for your support. We are so happy to partner with you in changing the life of a child for the better. To support ACMI Ministries please reach us through our website: or send us an email at or or give a call on +254 724 429012. May God bless you! 

ISOM Ministry

International Outreach Ministry

Here is a closer look at ISOM

The International School of Ministry started in September 1999 and exists to train and equip young people among others from across all denominations to reach out to their own ‘world’ of youth heeding to the great commission. In this discipleship-missions training and discipleship program, we aim at preparing young people to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ, develop into spiritual maturity as well as handle the various challenges facing young people. It’s where you capture Gods purpose for your life and where missioners are equipped. We believe in ISOM.

ISOM Kenya Profile

Since September 1999, ISOM Kenya has been graced of God to train and empower young people among others to pursue God and missions, heeding to the great commission. Over 300-persons have been trained and released to serve God in the mission field within and outside Kenya. Since September 1999, to now, we are celebrating 21 years of training, equipping, sending, and reaching out to the nations.

Vision and Mission

Our vision at ISOM is to train and empower Christians to reach out to the nations. Our Mission is to Train and empower Christians for long-term and short-term missions through training, discipleship and giving them an opportunity to serve God in the mission field.

ISOM Trainees

Our main focus and group of trainees and not limited to is high school leavers; training and equipping them for 3 months. We aim at preparing young people to be effective witnesses of Jesus Christ, develop into spiritual maturity as well as handle the various challenges facing young people. It is where you capture God’s purpose for your life and where missioners are equipped.

ISOM Alumni Association Launch

The alumni association was launched successfully. The main goal of the association is;

1. Bonding in events
2. Mobilizing the church for this commission.
3. Mentoring and raising missionaries.
4. Sending out missionaries.
5. Having an established prayer force.
6. Supporting the work of missions (commitment form)
7. Being involved in missions through involvement (with the ACMI and else)
8. Networking/creating connections with other like-minded saints.

ISOM Director: Mr. Daniel Kineene

Men's Ministry

CCIT Men's Ministry

In a generation that is crumbling we need Men who shall be fearless and become agents of transformation in their generation. Men are to have a life unbound – where they handle challenges unapologetically present in every day conversation and every situation. One of the key catalysts of strength in men is faith –which is a pillar in building a strong nation. Men mend broken bridges, build new ones and some of them even change the course of the river. You will always uncover the importance of being among the CCIT Men Ministry.

Our men at CCIT are pace setters and helps in relationship dynamics within families, friendships, and more. Regardless of your socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, or nationality, you’ll have the support of hundreds of men ready to be onboard for a transformed life at CCIT.

Sometimes the pressures of life, including family demands and career transitions can slowly suppress your spirit, as well as hinder your ability to be a real man. Always do not allow the passing storms of life to drain you of your purpose and goal. We have always needed a double portion of grace and inner strength. Real masculinity is shown when men stand strong against vices such as low self-esteem, absentee father issues, self-victimization and dwindled purposes. Such endowment is achieved through total dependence on God, being in a company of men of the same vision.

At CCIT Manhood, our desire is that you‘ll come to self-realization, be equipped to finally dismantle all dysfunctional habits that cause rifts in your relationships. Bishop Dr. Henry Mulandi and the men at CCIT men are ready to work out this transformation with you.

Ladies Ministry

CCIT Dorcas-Ladies Ministry

Women are called in the ministry to minister in the kingdom of God alongside men. Very few women are appreciated in and for ministry and those who are its done halfheartedly. At CCIT women ministry is held with high esteem in realization that it’s God who calls and justifies those He calls. Romans 8; 10

Dorcas is a common name for all CCIT Ladies with the slogan ‘be good and be a Dorcas” borrowed from the Acts 9:36. All CCIT ladies from 14 years and above join the Dorcas and are determined to be role models for the society. The Dorcas holds regular prayer meetings, fellowships, retreats, visit orphanage, the sick and those who have lost their loved ones. These activities strengthen their bonds with one another. During Easter holidays every year in April, they hold powerful interdenominational Ladies Conference with live transforming messages from anointed ministers.

Dorcas potential & conferences

For Dorcas, Easter is always a time to renew their mind and spirit. Stress can be like mold especially from the daily demands of motherhood, business, home, and myriad other activities. From these conferences the ladies experience the refreshing presence of God through empowering praise and worship, transformative sessions, and not to forget the prophet ministry that goes on.

Always discover hope, joy, love, and peace in every area of your life at the Dorcas ministry. Keep renewing your mind and let life make sense as a woman, a girl, mother, business executive, wife, and friend. Never let the cares overrule your motivation. Rise above all stressors and walk courageously having a goal in life. Revered Betty Mulandi continues to encourage women to rise above their troubles and realize they have been called to serve God first and their families at maximum potential.